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Hi, I’m Roddy and I focus on what’s effective and essential to move businesses forward.

In most cases, successful strategies are developed by reducing your workload, or at very least, reallocating resources to a shorter, more manageable task list.


relates to activities that benefit the sustainability and growth of your business.


The pursuit of less, but better.


What about efficiency and productivity?

Efficiency is one of the most popular buzzwords in business as is the pursuit. Many business owners, executives, and professionals have learned habits and created routines that optimize for efficiency - but that doesn’t mean their habits/routines are actually effective.

Productivity gets a bit closer, but the mere act of producing (even efficiently) is actually counter-productive if the results are not effective or essential to growing your business.

Again, essentialism is the pursuit of less, but better.

Why isn't more better?
What about more better?

Inevitably, cutting out the non-essentials will leave more resources for better pursuits.

“You can do anything...but not everything”

We live in an age of abundance and information overwhelm. Not only is there too much information, there’s too much good information available.

A person can only do so much in any given day - and only so much is necessary in a given day.

This is why the curation of resources and select high-value information has become even more valuable.

“The best tool is the one that you'll use”

And why prioritizing your work with an essentialist perspective will lead you to become more effective.

What is essential for my business?

The answer is context dependent, and the context will always be changing. My role as a strategist is to curate the best practices/resources/services and hold the space for you to also identify the most essential aspects of your work and life.

Why do I need you to tell me?

You don’t need me per se, but you do need someone that is familiar with these principles, the industries you work with and far enough from your business to provide objective feedback and new insights.


Twenty-Dollar Teardown = $20

I will create a video recording auditing your website/marketing funnel/email sequences, etc. for clarity, functionality, and overall user experience.

Custom Question/Answer = Contact me

Use the contact form below to ask question(s) about your business - I will send an invoice with a price and the time it will take me to respond based on the complexity of the answer(s).

Competitive Analysis = $50-$100 per competitor

A thorough analysis of your competition including their primary sales/marketing funnels, channels and strategies; advantages/disadvantages and your key differentiation in the market.

*competitor demonstration audits and software selection available upon request

Six-Step Strategy = $300-$600

After you provide me with the necessary information from a short questionnaire. I will develop up to a 6-step strategic plan for inbound/outbound marketing, strategic partnerships, influencer marketing and/or sales.

This is ideal for businesses

*Customized messaging, sales/marketing funnels and sales sequences available upon request

15/30/60/90min Video Consult/Call = $50/$100/$120/$180

Skype/Zoom/Google Hangout video call to review business processes, answer questions and create actionable plans. You will receive meeting notes and action items after the call.

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